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08-Dec-2019 15:42

n an island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, strange things are happening, things not usually seen on network television.

We refer, of course, to the Hawaiian island of Oahu, overrun by a marauding pack known as the cast of TV’s hottest show, .” “One night, we had all gone bowling,” says Evangeline Lilly, 26, who plays the show’s female lead, the beautiful but mysterious criminal Kate.

Conjecturing about the show’s overarching secrets — — has become an obsession among fans, one that’s reached a fever pitch going into the second season, which premiered on September 21st.

The island has a whole lot of unexplained hazards, including a murderous tribe of “Others,” a polar bear, an invisible monster and a weird goddamn hatch in the ground.Though English was his first language, he learned German and trained his voice to perform impersonations.His passion for nature and the outdoors, including kayaking and hiking, has been reflected in his acting roles.“It reminded me how wildly green she was,” he says.

“And she had mannerisms she had to unlearn, like crinkling up her forehead in a crazy way.” In a show with one mystery piled on top of another like a teetering Jenga tower, Kate’s secrets have been central blocks, if confusing ones.“Our characters are designed to be enigmatic,” says Damon Lindelof, ‘s co-creator and executive producer.

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