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German farmers called an emergency meeting of their exec- utive council to decide on further action, and warned that the reforms could mean "the struc- tural collapse of whole regions”. The CNN-USA Today survey gave him and President George Bush 35 per cent each and Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas 25 per cent. •'V: t- ■ MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS BUSINESSES FOR SALE I MAJO R 500 ACRE SPORTING/LEISURE ESTATE THE CURBAGH, KILDARE, IRISH REPUBLIC Ontstandiigr Potential Golf, Stud, Shooting. Equivalent British Estates making 6 to 10 nrillioa. Spurred on by the need to pay her children's school fees, and by a burning desire to prove herself in business - having underachieved at school - she dug In her heels. “It’s a car- ing, nurturing one - nurtur- ing the mother - but then I’ve got to get the knife into some- body the other side.

The reform package includes a 29 per cent fall in cereal prices over three years, a 15 per cent decline in beef price supports, with compensations on offer. 9 Wall Street .20.21 Leader flea® Commpdiites Prices. Perversely, it also found that only one in Eve surveyed thought Mr Perot would actu- ally become the next president Recent opinion polls have settled down to a pattern with either Mr Perot or Mr Bush in the lead and the likely Demo- cratic nominee third, with the gap usually in single figures. It’s a con- stant balance of being both a carer and a business person." She has never borrowed money, with a high turnaround of stock, Nippers has always been self-financing.

This dedication to the traditional an of watchmaking, combined with technical and aesrhetical innovation, has enabled Audemars Piguet to create some of the greatest classics ever. It promises to be a long, hot summer of political discon- tent US TO SCALE DOWN MILITARY OPERATIONS AT EUROPEAN AND KOREAN BASES THE OS is to end or reduce operations at another 61 military sites in Europe and two in South Korea, the Pentagon announced yesterday, Reuter reports from Washington. and the business must not affect the family finances. fu By lum lux offices long/short term - Coven) Gar- den WC2 Teh 0 KMhrs).

The Star Wheel is destined to become For customer service and other general enquiries call: Frankfurt (69) 16685150 Autma Scntt. The cuts are part of a continuing reduction in the US military presence overseas. Until two years ago she took no steady income from Nip- pers, ploughing all the profits back into it, while the family lived off her husband’s income. YOUR OFFICE Hi LONDON From TOP a oar Accomf Tel Aneme/Fax/Mail Box etc.

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In Europe, they will result in reduc- tions of more than 6,000 US troops and 800 US civilian and 2.500 local jobs in Britain, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. .,,...1 519.70 US Federal Sraottl B Portfolio Ctn A ' .. .| 59 76 a SS...::." —t su» Herrill Lynrt MMUndool Mrtriauot Pgrtfallar-Wty RUtaatata Stria Clobal Caa Hy Pvrtfa Ua CUBA. Cassell, her husband and brother invested £50.000 in the new venture, aiming to have 70 franchises around Britain in five years' time. HUGHES /LIAM LYONS ERNST A YOUNG MARINE BOUSE GLANWILIJAM PLACE DUBLIN 2 Pb: 609433 Fax: 761740 ERNST Jt YOUNG REPRODUCTION CABINET FURNITURE Opportunity id purchase. Wrjjc lo Bo i H6W6, Financial Tmtcv One Southwark Bridge. PRACTl Srt G what you have teamed, Iran Sin the morning bl 10 * night, in the company I of your teachers (meals, break, evening activities) : ™ I Via CERAN 66 = 66 hois a week in your study language. Z I t, MEETING AND MDGNG only rift highly motivated persons Ife yourself. | I CERAN Langues Provence - CMtean Cfi RAN ■ Monastere St-Pnneraw - BP 27/26S ABBIA' 266. (*44) 0S4 31 956 - Fax f ♦ 44) 954 32 294 gf USA : Ltwaiisoancv : Te T. respectively, the wife of the editor of La Repubblica and the chairman of the board.

: V '^s: T^es* •- '-’cs: -• '•' •*• -'/•Sr , -r^E: 1 " : STrf* - - Sfjgj ;o e Weekend FT Inside section II 20 Pages NEWSPAPER o/THEWAR South Africa: thl L ^j B| economics of Page I 1 Consumer electronics I Last of the ‘-i Mp A/z American Japanese giants long boats in Ptfra /ose confidence Wr-'fft', 8 P»a* XV HHr T Page XI Page 6 /ff V ,\■; CBI sees signs of recovery but output still falls •• ./••• ? 3ihv Iba value of investments can faft-es Sy vvtormanca Is not guaranteed, gains have been achieved, months. -'rise and future “W&mr In five of the f CTVTOPtrflrinum. The s tor m s had been tremendous, the wait in the Caledonian Canal long and expensive, but at last she arrived to dwarf every other vessel in the marina and capture the imagination of the small fishing vil- lage. The Fitzcarraldo is the achievement of a dream for John Wassell and Liz Pugh and their company Walk the Plank, the “world’s first marine theatre contractors.” Their vision; to tour a theatre ship around the beaches and docks of . There are two shows: one an extrava- gant fairy tale with a “green" environ- mental theme, written for them by Adrian Mitchell, the poet and play- wright; the other a pyrotechnic spectac- ular for up to 2JJ00 people, combining music, magic, drama and dance with fireworks.

Accord- ing to Central Statistical Office estimates. T think people like the spirit of adventure, the romance of it appeals.” says Liz. Ph: 010/353/45/3 1402 Country style: Julia Casual at her rural headquarters w Kh two push chairs and her pot-bellied Vietnamese pigs A baby boom in a barn Hilary de Boerr finds a growing business hidden down a country lane T UCKED away on.

But he warned that industry's order books remained well below normal and recovery was likely to be slow. They revised down their forecast of UK growth to 0.9 CBI says economy is on the turn Page 4 Lex Page 24 per cent this year from 1.7 per cent previously and warned that the recovery would be "bumpy". “That was the springboard for this idea, to expand it into a show on a ship, although it was a leap of the imagination from a 50ft boat to a 120ft ship with a 2*tft beam." F or John, a builder of wooden narrow boats before a five- year stint as project director for WSI, it was a lesser leap. WQl also sell 2 million Sterling Bloodstock if required. The pastel pink and blue board tells you that the bam is home to Nippers, a novel com- pany selling nursery goods, equipment and toys. Their own parents - the grandpar- ents - also have more dispos- able income.

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Yesterday's GDP figures mean that UK economic output has contracted by 4.2 per cent since its peak in the second quarter of 1990 but the decline - although long - has been less steep than the 5.5 per cent fall recorded in the 1979-81 recession. Having organised large, site-specific events for WSL and experienced the immense cost of touring, he realised that keeping everything on board ship would cut costs. Small 140 Acre Estate sold id J apanese Group recently for 10 million Eariy decisio n mates. Julia Cas- sell, the founder, began the business in Hiidenbo rough nine years ago with a £500 investment, and now. Cassell appears to have found the ideal growth indus- try. Research indi- cates that the baby boomers’ baby' boom will continue for several years. as Cassell says: “The last thing people want to cut back on is their fchild." ; When Cassell started Nip- pers in 1963 •- a way of work- ing from home part-time while her children were young - she offered only second-hand goods. The government announced yesterday that UK gross domestic product fell by 0.6 per cent in the first quarter and was 15 per cent lower than a year before. It started at the Brighton Festival last week and arrives in Folkestone today.

Respondents were asked about their life satisfaction and emotional state, including whether they have had mood swings, as well as feelings of emptiness and/or depression.… continue reading »

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Nothing else is running on that drive and the only files are the steamapps from those clients. Edit: Initially didn't have much luck through Google, but found something very interesting after a retry: Steam Skins - 2010 UI - Updated 17 August 2014.… continue reading »

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- CS Monitor (June 16, 2015) 'White marriage' a growing trend for young couples in Iran - LA Times (May 29, 2015) Internet dating website launched by state - BBC (May 28, 2015) Swiping right in the Islamic republic as Tinder takes off in Tehran - TB (May 21, 2015) "Mixed-orientation marriages" have always existed, but now they're in the middle of the marriage equality battle - Salon (April 19, 2015) Iran birth drive 'turns women into baby-making machines' - BBC (March 11, 2015) Iran's government tries to play matchmaker - The Economist (February 7, 2015) Richard Dawkins wants to lovebomb Iran - with erotica - The Independent (January 31, 2015) Can Iran 'control' its cohabiting couples?… continue reading »

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