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Motels are not a place to spend the night in Costa Rica, they are more just to have a good time.

Motels are a very practical solution for many Costa Ricans, because many of live with their parents until they get married.

The negative effects of teenage pregnancy include: obstructed labor, shame of teenage mothers, results in increased risk of infant death and maternal death or disability.

These same cases are also at very high risk for sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV or AIDs by indulging in careless, unprotected sex.

Ticos tend to be jealous, because there are very high rates of infidelity in the country.

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Once the relationship is declared official/exclusive there is no more flirting, receiving calls from, or even looking at a person of the opposite sex without getting into an argument with a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

The girls, as in any culture, seem to be a little more sensitive, and since they are possessive as well, cutting the cord is even harder to do.

When breaking up with a Tico, expect that now their partner is not allowed to talk to any of his or her friends anymore, as in most cases they will no longer give the time of day. Motels here in Costa Rica are mainly used by couples looking for privacy.

Many parents still disown their children for becoming pregnant or getting a girl pregnant.

High rates of teenage pregnancy can also be attributed to the lack of communication about the topic in general.Motels are not a cheaper version of a hotel Many foreigners make the common mistake of renting a motel when they arrive in Costa Rica thinking it is a cheaper version of a hotel. These couples are often young people or people cheating on their significant other.