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Like Zendaya, Spencer Boldman is also an entertainer who got his big break on Disney.Spencer is best known for his role in the television series The actress was rumoured to have gone on a date with NFL star – Odell Beckham Jr.Rounding out the guest cast were Joanna Page as Queen Elizabeth IAs the episode celebrates fifty years of the programme, it references and alludes to various concepts featured throughout the show's run.It received critical acclaim and has been described by series producer Marcus Wilson as a "love letter to the fans" and by the controller of BBC One, Danny Cohen, as an "event drama".In 1562, the Zygons enter three-dimensional paintings made with the Time Lords' stasis cubes, and go into suspended animation to emerge in the present.After breaking out of the paintings in the National Gallery in the present, the Zygons take the forms of members of the military organisation UNIT so that they can utilise weapons and technology kept by UNIT in the Tower of London.Zendaya is one celebrity who has succeeded in keeping her personal relationships private, however – considering her fame, it is understandable that the media still manages to find out tidbits about her relationships.With her many years in the industry, Zendaya has managed to keep her love life relatively simple and has been in one confirmed relationship that the public knows about.

Zendaya was also rumoured to have had a flirtatious friendship with Spencer Boldman, although these rumours were never confirmed.

Revising the back story, the Doctor succumbs to Clara Oswald's plea to change his mind; and instead, at the last instant of the Time War, he hides his war-torn home planet in time, rather than destroy it.