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While your introverted partner may feel comfortable with a dinner party with another couple, she may feel drained by going to clubs, concerts or large gatherings regularly.She may also prefer one-on-one time with you instead of going out with other couples.Over 80% of our members say they are looking for a serious, long-term relationship, and we help make that happen.Our highly-rated customer service team are second to none, and you may have already read what members say about them on this page.Likely due to the successful "first-vibes" of our pre-date, we hit it off instantly and have been a couple ever since...." - More Speed Dating Success Stories -- Events near you!Back in May I started chatting to a lovely man who lived in the Manchester area.Introversion is a personality style where the individual gains her energy from her inner resources.

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Similarly, do not take it personally if your introverted partner limits accepting invitations to hang out with groups of your friends or attend large parties.Since introverts differ in their preferences, ask your partner which types of activities she prefers most.