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Ein Interessen-Import aus Facebook wird angeboten und kann die weitaus praktischere Variante sein so ist es auch eigentlich gedacht. Wir sind gespannt was dieser Newcomer so alles kann und wie er sich im Zoosk Test schlägt.

Frankly, I'm not sure how Sweden would manage to keep up its relatively high birth rate (compared to rest of Europe, at least) without the existence of such things as massive quantities of Carlsberg beer (see, some good things do come out of Denmark) and ferries to Finland that make it possible for Medel Svensson to purchase Absolut at affordable prices.

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It is also worth mentioning that one can also have a fika with a friend, colleague, family member, or neighbor.

100% anonymous to place a profile and all of your personal information can be kept private.To me, as an to Sweden trying to navigate the subtleties of romance in a foreign country, Swedish mating and dating rituals (and usually in that order) appear to be a very slow, conspicuous process that promises to baffle even the Swedes themselves.It goes something like this: Night One: A) Meet at a mutual friend's party B) Get really, really shit-faced C) Make out D) If you're lucky, you are sober enough to save the other person's telephone number in your mobile phone, AND to put it under the correct name.Your privacy is our No.1 priority, so you are not required to submit any information if you are not comfortable with disclosing.

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All of your personal information can be kept private and anonymous until you choose to take things further.

Two weeks after doing something very scary: A) Get kicked out of your way-too-expensive second-hand rental contract because the person you were subletting didn't take 10 study points and lost his/her contract for student housing.