Dating while spouse is terminally ill

09-Nov-2019 15:14

The ill spouse feels they are "holding back" the healthy spouse from being fulfilled.Feelings of insecurity arise along with shame and guilt.Marriage, divoce and chronic illness don't always have to go together!We've put together some of the best marriage resources we could find and we'd love to hear from you about more that exist, specifically for the chronically ill. Whether your wife is sick or your husband is chronically ill, you are more than welcome! we are a Christian group; anyone is welcome but please be respectful.When the wife is the ill partner she looks to the husband for emotional support and for him "to be there" for her.If he is unable to express emotion the ill wife may view him as insensitive or uncompassionate.A good marriage consists of shared activities, shared responsibility, common goals, along with a healthy sexual relationship.

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In a recent study only 10% of respondents with illness wanted health advice from their spouse.But you can joyfully stay in a marriage with a critically ill spouse.