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07-Mar-2020 19:27

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So why is wearing the color red so powerful when it comes to giving guys the green light to approach you?

While red is often considered the color of romance, love, and even lust, some of the other reasons behind the color red's allure and appeal to the opposite sex may simply have to do with instinct.

In fact, your entire body can appear redder and more flushed when you're sexually aroused, and it's been thought that a woman's face has a redder hue during ovulation.

So if you want to attract more men to head your way, it's time to swap out your little black dress for a little red dress.

With this in mind, it's easy for you to pull off a red lip and turn on the guys around you.

When looking more closely at the power of your mouth, another trick is for you to take the time to smile if you want a guy to approach you.

"One time a girl came up to me and said, 'You have a great body. ' I loved the compliment, and I was flattered that she'd been checking me out.

We never actually went to the gym, but it led to a conversation that led to a date." —Marcelino"Once this girl texted me and asked whether I liked her.

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Are you wondering how to get a guy to approach you?Do you keep striking out when it comes to coaxing those hotties to strike up a conversation with you?If you want to take charge and start drawing men toward you, we found the 11 simple tricks that can positively transform you into a guy magnet right now.She kept her eyes on me, smiled, and was just pretty obvious about the fact that she was into me.

Don't be afraid to let a guy see you looking at him.When a hot girl is clearly checking you out, you're stoked." —Lance"One time this girl would just blatantly ignore me.

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