Dating tips indian women

22-Nov-2019 16:08

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Someone jokingly said this about American dating: First day – Date Second day – Hug Third day – hug Fourth day – Kiss Fifth day – deep kiss Sixth day – sex Well, I don’t know how true that is, but I certainly know for a fact that the Indian dating culture does not go that way.

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Usually there are very few Indian women who are comfortable with pre-marital sex.

Pre-marital sex is a strict "no" according to Indian customs.

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This is because they are not much acquainted with the likes and dislikes of Indian women. Opinions of family members play a very important role in her decision making.

So, here are some tips for dating an Indian Woman for foreigners. So, never ever show any disrespect towards her parents.

You will have to be more sophisticated than that, you will have to be more cultured.

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