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05-Oct-2019 10:55

Genital warts are warts that are on or near the vagina or penis (the genitals). But the types of HPV that cause genital warts do not usually cause cancer.Genital warts are usually a sexually transmitted disease (STD). STDs (also called sexually transmitted infections or STIs) are infections that spread through sex (vaginal, oral, or anal), or close sexual contact. If warts do develop, they usually come within a few months. The warts can be on or near: Genital warts can be raised or flat, small or large.But even after the warts are gone, HPV might still be active in the body.

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Most of the time, HPV is gone within 2 years of when someone was infected.

If someone does decide to have sex, using a condom every time for sex (vaginal, oral, anal) helps prevent HPV and other STDs.