Dating model 120 winchester shotguns

08-Jan-2020 18:10

Speaking of Winnie 12s in the military, while the Winchester 1897 was the better-known trench gun of its day; many Model 12s were bought to help fill the ranks.

The Army and Marines brought these guns to World War One (700) World War 2 (over 68,000) and Vietnam.

These guns will have small Ordnance “Shell and Flame” insignia stamped on the top of the barrel just in front of the receiver while both “U.

S.” and the “Shell and Flame” insignia are roll stamped on the right side of the receiver below the ejection port. Very nicely preserved and properly authenticated Model 12s with the correct markings can often run several thousand dollars to the right buyers.

Relatively new shotguns are out there as good economical shooters while older pieces are solid investments.

Winchester themselves maintains a serial number/production date range list that can help with appraising.

Remember, 28-gauge guns will be the rarest of all and guns made before 1927 will have 2.5-inch chambers so be careful about shooting these old birds until you check them out.

Former military shotguns run crazy expensive in the past decade.

Winchester engineer Thomas Crosley Johnson, a man credited with more than 120 patents and much of the groundwork that led to the legendary Model 70 rifle, was tasked to come up with this new hammerless model.

They served as riot guns with military police, trench guns in the front lines, and in support duties.

While officially replaced by newer Remington 870s and Mossberg 500s, since then these old vets still continue to get spotted in pictures of US soldiers in harm’s way as late as the recent conflicts in Iraq.

Ejected hulls kicked out of the side port to the right of the gun.

Hand-fitted machined steel internal parts, black walnut stocks and cross bolt safety all helped give the firearm a leg up on the competition.It was a pump-action gun with a under barrel tubular magazine, but as the years ticked by, there was one glaring, antiquated flaw—it had a hammer.

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