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07-Nov-2019 18:20

You experience a uniform sound field from the front of the audience to the back." "Considering its SPL capabilities, Show Match sounds more like a double-10" line array rather than a double-8", almost like a fully capable outdoor system and it sounds very good, with the mid-low frequency section particularly well refined.""The system definitely exceeded my expectations.

The coverage and the tonal quality is nice and warm without being too in-your-face, and you can get good volume out of it without harmonic distortion.

I barely needed any EQ to get the sound where I wanted it.

I went there and put the system through the same evaluation process I always do, including analyzing pink noise through the system and then playing eight sets of stem files through the house console from previous recordings I’ve done of Barry in other venues.I was impressed.""I was really impressed with Show Match.