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Garba is the celebration of life as in fetus from where life blossoms from the very first.

It also projects the essence of divine Maa Durga or Amba.

In earlier times, these two dance forms were used as a means to educate people about the mythological stories and general implication of these festivals and their importance and what do they symbolize in our lives.

There were times when Garba was played in every corner of the street, but the concept of Garbas is changing, people are getting more inclined to fashion, food, dresses, events etc.

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Garba and Dandiya are considered to be the dramatization of the fight between Maa Durga and Mahishasur, wherein Maa Durga was under so much of rage, she swore that she wouldn’t let any demon live on this holy earth and started killing all monsters.Along with this costume, girls pair the dress with a lot of accessories like silver or black metal ornaments, big silver plated earrings, kamarband, maang tika, bajuband and colourful and embroidered juttis.Even men come in traditional attire wearing Kurta and Pajama, or they go for village men costumes of Gujarat which are commonly known as “kediyu” a short kurta along with Pagdri on the head and Mojris for footwear.Garba has gained huge popularity because of its colourful celebrations, and there are many Garba festivals organized in almost each and every corner of India to rejoice the occasion of Navratri.

All the dancers performing in Garba wear colourful traditional dresses in order to look vivacious and lively.

But with changing times, Garba has evolved to a greater extent and turned out to be more of a commercial event.