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17-Oct-2019 11:53

There had to be some sort of stage trickery that allowed her to breathe?

Alyokhina laughs when I mention this at dinner: There was no trickery.

For her, this scene was one of the most important parts of her performance.

“We are showing freedom, and freedom does not exist if you’re not fighting for it,” she says.

What are we to make of her relationship with Enteo, then, given his strong ties to an activist group known for beating up gay people during Pride rallies? Totally not, and I’m sure of this.” Alyokhina didn’t know about Enteo’s background when she first met him, briefly, at a party in October 2016, though her friend told her about his movement before introducing them.“I shook his hand and that was it,” she says.

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“He’s kind of a homophobe,” Alyokhina says of Enteo, smiling nervously and dragging on a cigarette outside the theater. “For example what he said about LGBT flags—” her friend starts to reply but Alyokhina interjects in Russian. “It’s complicated,” Alyokhina tells me, as if to translate, then heads inside for rehearsal.

They successfully convinced Putin to sign their legislation into a law that carries up to a year in prison, though it doesn’t clearly specify what qualifies as offense.

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