Dating for educators and scientists

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The site also has a Teacher’s Forum, which provides a private online space for educators to share information with each other about teaching human evolution. HHMI’s Biointeractive: At Bio Interactive, you can find award-winning multimedia resources that bring the excitement of scientific discovery into your classroom—all 100% free.

There are hundreds of evolution-related assets, ranging from short films and lectures to animations and apps.

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It explores how scientists approach the question of evolution and illustrates the nature of science as a way to understand the natural world.It also includes a collection of videos that outline the evidence for evolution and lesson planning resources for educators.The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History: Information for teachers and students from the Smithsonian’s Human Origins Initiative.UC Berkeley’s National Conference on the Teaching of Evolution Resource Matrix: A list of resources recommended by participants of the conference.

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Resources include articles and books, as well as textbooks and software recommendations.

"I have seen anti-creationists claim that all true scientists support Evolution, and that those who support Creation are not really scientists and that their credentials are less than legitimate. " -Frank "An important factor in bringing about the universal dominance and acceptance of Darwinian evolution has been that virtually every eminent professional scientist appointed to posts in the life sciences in the last 40 or 50 years, in the English-speaking world, has been a convinced Darwinist. In the 1980s, researcher and lecturer David Watson noted an increasing trend that continues today, disturbing those who want evolutionism to be perceived as the accepted scientific consensus: "…A tidal wave of new books…