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05-Dec-2019 15:50

A lot of men I know operate on an interesting scale.Because a man is basically guaranteed to get off during sex, he usually bases his attraction to a woman on a scale of one or zero: Would I f*ck this chick or not? We operate on a one-to-10 scale, and we'll factor in things like sense of humor and personality when we're debating how attracted we are to a man.It'll feel good no matter what emotions he feels toward said woman.But for a woman, the intensity of an orgasm and the time an orgasm actually lasts can change dramatically from sexual experience to sexual experience based on how she feels about the guy she's f*cking.What starts out as a slip of tongue, a small slight from one person to another, sets a process in motion that slowly (or quickly) permeates a relationship and begins to define its tone.It’s easy to think criticism is a constructive process — one member of a relationship feels he/she knows the other in and out, and in making “suggestions” for how the other might change or improve, he/she is merely helping the other overcome his/her flaws and deficiencies. They may have species and gender boundaries, but that's about it.

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And sex can easily become one of the many things that get complicated by emotions.Perhaps the other person abides the advice, and adjusts the behavior to make you happy.Other times this doesn’t work — “if she doesn’t like my clothes, I’m going to wear the outfits she hates most.” Criticism doesn’t always take the form of words.The male version is almost always a Kavorka Man or Casanova Wannabe; the female version formidable enough to be off-putting to the less experienced members of the cast, except in anime. Also not to be confused with Extreme Omnisexual, whose tastes would include aliens and other sentient non-human life.

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Hurtful words in a relationship are like a drop of red dye in a glass of water; it turns the whole glass pink.

“You’re a handsome man,” one might say, “but wouldn’t you rather wear a dress shirt than those ratty t-shirts?

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