Dating an over the road truck driver

09-Mar-2020 11:34

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According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, an estimated 116,000 people were injured in 2015 due to accidents involving large trucks. But Over-the-Road (OTR) driving can be a dangerous job.

Everyone is killing time until their federally mandated rest periods are over. and having to cope with my tossing in the bunk above him, Boschee looks fresh.

Behind the wheel is 27-year-old Justin Boschee, a 6'5" former offensive tackle at Eastern Oregon University, a born-again christian, and a driver with more than 400,000 miles of unblemished experience. Considering the ramifications (heart attack, stroke, fatigue. The smell of those delectable wafer crumbs, which we both inhale deeply through the rear hatch, is metaphoric.

I'm hoping this trinity of muscle, messiah, and mileage will keep us safe. It represents not only the daily temptation at Boschee's back (he recently dropped 40 pounds) but also the monumental health challenge facing all men who travel for a living.

Situations that often require drivers to slow down, include: Drivers should always wear their seat belts.

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Not just because it’s the law, but because it’s the smart thing to do.

Drivers must constantly keep an eye out for adverse weather conditions, other drivers, construction zones, and more. It’s often very tempting for them to play movies, watch videos, and use their cell phones to help pass the time.