Dating a 15 year old

20-Nov-2019 15:27

If the 20 year old really loves you, he would wait at least until you're 18.

Some may argue: "I won't commit fornication, I'm a Christian." We know that sex before marriage is wrong, but when you're all alone with a person to who you are attracted too, the sexual drive can lead you to wrong doing. When people are in their teens, people go through a phase called "the bloom of youth".

A 15 year old may sit and watch television or talk with a 20 year old. It is Illegal for a 20 year old to engage in any sexually oriented activity with a 15 year… There are specific laws about sexual activity and 15 is below the age of consent, which is 16 in Indiana.

In this case, based on the ages, the 20 year old could be charged with a felony.

And when I say "vigorously", I mean - seriously - like Jack Bauer enforcing them. And in addition to this wonderful information, it is worth noting that Florida has perhaps the strictest laws in the nation regarding underage sexual contact, and FL enforces these laws vigorously.

And when I say "vigorously", I mean - seriously - like Jack Bauer enforcing them.

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In contrast, if you focus on the person you like to long, you set yourself for heartache. The 15 year old is too old to date a 10 year old and is close to the age of consent at the age of 16 (depending on the state where they live) and could get into trouble.Another thing to consider is the purpose of dating.

Furthermore, running a live sex cam show needs age verification.… continue reading »

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