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23-Dec-2019 14:57

” when he first noticed the young woman had a tattoo.

Jacobs knew and responded, “Chinese letters.” The writer asked, “Did you ever know they were there before?

But Topanga is a little more of a hippie than DJ is.

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” Turns out, he came out in 2006 and remains a close friend to her!

But during her second, she held it together and decided on a calmer demeanor rather than the bubbly one that had been in the original script.

That’s good too, because can you imagine literal smokin’ Gia playing Cory’s girl?

“When you’re 12 to 19, which was how old I was when I was on the show, you are kind of in a little bit of a bubble,” she says.

“You know that the show is popular and that people are enjoying watching it, but I don’t think you ever really spend a lot of time thinking, ‘I have a lot of boys who have crushes on me.’ Any attention that I got from people was always really nice and I appreciated it, but it wasn’t until I was more of an adult that I realized so many young boys had their first crush on Topanga! She once said that while on a private jet to Disney World that, "We were trying to take a nap, and all of a sudden Bob Saget walks down the aisle, rips open our curtain, and shouts, 'Do you guys have any coke?! She's kind of like Bilbo Baggins, very tiny." He claims the whole thing was a blown-up lie.She was arrested in December after a tipsy driving-related warrant was issued in her name because she missed a court date for a previous DUI arrest.

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