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Many debt consolidation loans carry no extra fees; rather, the interest is your only cost.

Other loans may have a one-time origination fee that covers the costs of processing the loan, or small fees for late payments or processing checks.

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If you consolidate to a personal loan with a seven-year repayment term at 10% APR, your new monthly payment is 2, but your total payment increases to ,890.But there are misconceptions about using a loan for debt consolidation, including how much it costs and how long it takes.Here are common myths about debt consolidation loans and tips on how they really work.Lenders rarely charge a fee for paying off your loan early.

The loan’s APR includes origination fees, making it easier to compare costs across multiple lenders.If debt is affecting your finances, you may have a share of the trillion in non-housing debt tallied in the first quarter of 2019 by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.