Chubby men dating service

19-Sep-2019 16:02

There's nothing wrong with wanting to use an app that is, in theory, meant for everyone.But there's also nothing wrong with wanting to use an app like Grindr or Woo Plus that's catered to your own sexuality.That it would also affect dating doesn't seem unreasonable.This means that fat people grow up thinking their bodies are wrong, broken, ugly, and totally-not-sexy, while those attracted to fat bodies (regardless of their own body type) grow up thinking they are broken for being attracted to them.And so I cannot help but feel that the problem some folks are having isn't with the over-sexualization of fat people, and specifically fat women.But rather, with the sexualization of a group of people we're not used to being told are, in fact, sexual beings (unless they're being branded as "promiscuous" or "desperate," that is).So in a way, I like that the founders have said that Woo Plus is "Tinder for BBW." Everyone knows Tinder is oft utilized for hooking up and nothing more.And there's no reason that such sexual agency shouldn't be granted to fat individuals, whether they identify as BBW, BHM, or simply "plus size."In this equality-filled utopian future we so often like to imagine, maybe there'd be no need for Grindr because gay men could express their queerness openly, in all parts of the world, without concern or consequence.

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But equity is "access to the same opportunities." And the former cannot be achieved without the latter.

In an ideal world — one where equality was actualized and the notion of body shaming antiquated — we wouldn't need the new plus size dating app Woo Plus. 2015, but the app has recently skyrocketed to the press' eye, and to its fair share of criticism.

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