Christian rules for dating my son

31-Dec-2019 11:16

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I’m SO glad I did not go out on a limb at the time and try to act like I knew what I was talking about because my views have changed on the matter, and more than likely will evolve even more when my older children begin this journey.So, why am I bringing this up now since I still have no experience in the matter?When her parents had voiced their disapproval, Renee had burst into tears and run from the room.“Teri, our daughter is only a freshman. So a parent who truly loves his child is prepared to say, “No! That harm could be anything—from eating too many sweets, to not doing homework, to opening herself to being used by others.This guy might end up just being the first in a long line of college boyfriends. When dating, a guy who respects his girlfriend’s desire to wait for marriage demonstrates true love by helping her to stay pure.On the other hand, thanks to cultural tolerance, Kenton’s position appears to be harsh and unloving.Part of his anger might be due to his fear that Renee will ask for further compromise.Sometimes it takes a while for us to cooperate and get on board. Remind your family members that God totally gets our struggle with temptation and selfishness. Commit to candidly loving each other, while also staying committed to following God’s teachings on moral truth.Years ago, a reader asked me to talk about courtship, and I politely declined because I didn’t have children of that age.

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He saw the beauty, the potential, and the innate worth and dignity God infused into her as his child.

Jesus loved her as she was, but gave her a vision of who she could be, if she committed to living by God’s standards. Ask your family members for examples of when they thought you demonstrated real love, even though it meant you said no to what they wanted.