Chicago dating idea

05-Oct-2019 03:47

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Craft a timeline of events and places and go visit them.

Smartphones come equipped with fairly decent cameras, so you shouldn’t need any extra equipment for this other than an optional tripod or selfie-stick.

You can choose the price of admission at a lot of museums, or you might be able to go for free on a certain day of the month.

Not all museums need to be grand buildings, either.

Introduce some playfulness into your life by getting your partner in on the fun.

Buy an adult coloring book and pick an illustration to color.

If you live close to a major city or some nice attractions, you easily can take a day trip for the cost of gas if you bring your own food.

Scout out some areas nearby or run a search on Google to see what fun things are around.

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Plus, if you’re willing to splurge just a little, you can try new flavors or specialties you normally wouldn’t bother with.

Talk about it over some beer or wine and make a plan that gets you both on the same page again.