Chat with a dominant women

07-Dec-2019 08:07

The initial dialogue should not include anything extreme, as this may turn off a submissive woman from ever deciding to try her hand at domination.

Start slowly and toll the benefits of having a willing, submissive male partner!

Women may also be hard-wired to be submissive in addition to being socialized as such.

Primarily, there is the undeniable physicality of women.

However, when there exists a constant and unreasonable pressure to perform, there will always be the desire to rebel against those irrational demands.

This is even truer when one's survival does not depend on the defiant behavior.

Of course, there is an art to introducing your seemingly submissive wife or girlfriend into domination.

It makes complete sense when examined as a means of survival.

For the submissive man in search of a Dominant woman or Domina, this is an unfortunate imbalance, indeed, although, from a societal perspective, it is hardly surprising. First, let's examine the "nurture" side of the coin.