Brightmail anti spam filter not updating

28-Sep-2019 23:51

A threshold of 50 percent CPU utilization is a good rule of thumb to follow.

Once this threshold has been met, you need to consider adding more capacity to the mail filtering tier.

as any production system, a mail filter may become a pain when it comes to keep it up-to-date.

Mail Cleaner comes with a semi-automated way of getting new code and corrections.

In larger deployments, consider also creating inbound and outbound mail filtering pools of servers that are associated with the respective inbound and outbound MTA pools.In general, consider deploying a “farm” of Brightmail severs that the MTAs utilize to filter mail.You can configure MTAs to use a list of Brightmail server names, which essentially the MTAs will load balance on.Figure 14–2 shows a correct deployment of an anti-spam/virus filter solution.

The MTA performs certain functions well, including: The anti-spam/virus filter is good at determining if an email is spam or has a virus, but is generally not nearly as good at doing the things expected of a good MTA.

When planning to deploy anti-spam or anti-virus technology, keep in mind that an incorrect deployment can defeat your security measures.