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28-Dec-2019 18:37

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"I needed to be on my own and do my own thing." Next: She didn't bump into Kopelman deep in a faraway forest, as movies tend to portray such things.

"Had I not carved out that time for myself, I don't know if I'd be as happy trying to figure out what makes my husband happy and how to be a good mom," she explains.Despite the satisfaction of this achievement, she recognized that she'd become a textbook workaholic."I was always really focused on the thing I was working on, then worried about that thing I had to go to next," she recalls.After staying home for much of the pregnancy, she and Kopelman are already incorporating date nights back into their relationship, along with days of doting on their baby girl.

The night before, Kopelman took Barrymore to the Universal Studios theme park in Hollywood for its Halloween Horror Night.(Though Olive stayed at home, she had her share of holiday festivities — her parents goofily dressed her up as a lobster, inserted her into a large pot, and snapped plenty of pictures.