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30-Oct-2019 20:40

You begin to spiral down in your quest for decent dates when you realize that everyone who used to be available is now in a relationship.In a brief moment of weakness (and with a little bit of liquid courage), you slowly approach that cute guy from across the bar, only to see him (right before you tap his shoulder) kissing his boyfriend.But when my friend told me that she actually met some decent people there, it piqued my interest.Suddenly, I forgot all about my fear of stranger danger and I found myself looking at pictures of these random guys, endlessly swiping left or right.Online dating, as opposed to the traditional way of dating, creates a buffer that shields us from that weird stage of not knowing if the other person is interested in us.Matching with someone means that there’s most likely some kind of mutual attraction.

We get to meet people from different demographics without the strain of commitment and awkward encounters.

Although the use of Tinder provides us the comfort of flirting behind a screen, it’s still not as easy as 1-2-3.

Just like traditional, face-to-face dating, it has its own drawbacks that would make people shy away from giving it a chance. Dating profiles give you the illusion of learning about the person prior to getting to know them IRL.

When the use of internet became the norm, we became more apprehensive to meeting new people, considering the dangers of catfishing, grooming, and other cyber crimes.

But trust me when I say that venturing out into the world of online dating is definitely worth it.Growing up, I was led to believe that the only way to be in a relationship was to wait for some guy to sweep me off my feet and woo me with heart-shaped chocolates and flowers.

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