Accommodating bursts in distributed stream processing systems

11-Sep-2019 07:20

accommodating bursts in distributed stream processing systems-42

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ERIC Archive, Business, Case Studies, College Administration, College Planning, Computer Oriented Programs, Data Processing, Higher Education, Industry, Information Centers, Information Networks, Library Networks, Management Information Systems, Microcomputers, Office Management, Technological Advancement, Technology Transfer Proceedings of the 1984 CAUSE conference on information management and new technologies are presented.

Contents include 49 papers covering seven subject areas: issues in higher education, managing the information resource, innovative technologies, office automation/networking, microcomputer issues and applications, promises and perils of technology, and applications.

I’ll be focusing on organizing the projects into a conceptual model; there are many articles that compare the streaming frameworks for real-world applications – I list a few at the end.We present an economical and fault-tolerant load balancing strategy (EFTLBS) based on an operator replication mechanism and a load shedding method, that fully utilizes the network resources to realize continuous and highly-available data stream processing without dynamic operator migration over wide area networks.