A systems engineering approach to dating and relationships

17-Sep-2019 07:23

a systems engineering approach to dating and relationships-22

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(Mooz, Forsberg, Cotterman 2003, 259) when identifying the stakeholders or classes of stakeholders.

Every system has its own stages of life, which typically include stages such as concept, development, production, operations, sustainment, and retirement (for more information, please see Life Cycle Models).

(1b) The stakeholder needs and requirements definition process identifies stakeholders, or stakeholder classes, involved with the system throughout its life cycle, and their needs.

The goal is to get every stakeholder’s point of view for every stage of the system life in order to consolidate a complete set of stakeholder needs that can be prioritized and transformed into the set of stakeholder requirements as exhaustively as possible. Acquirer, panel of potential users, marketing division, research and development department, standardization body, suppliers, verification and validation team, production system, regulator/certification authorities, etc. Systems and Software Engineering - Architecture Description. The stakeholder requirements are defined considering the context of the system-of-interest with the interoperating systems and enabling systems.(ISO/IEC/IEEE,2015) (2) Individual or organization having a right, share, claim, or interest in a system or in its possession of characteristics that meet their needs and expectations; N. Stakeholders include, but are not limited to end users, end user organizations, supporters, developers, producers, trainers, maintainers, disposers, acquirers, customers, operators, supplier organizations and regulatory bodies.It is recommended that several techniques or methods be considered during elicitation activities to better accommodate the diverse set of sources, including: Several steps are necessary to understand the maturity of stakeholder needs and to understand how to improve upon that maturity. OMG Systems Modeling Language specification, version 1.2.

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Figure 1 presents the cycle of needs as it can be deduced from Professor Shoji Shiba's and Professor Noriaki Kano's works and courses, and is adapted here for systems engineering (SE) purposes.

Stakeholders of a So I may vary throughout the (3) Development (life) cycles start with user needs and end with system decommissioning and disposal.

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