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“Trucking is one of our biggest risks, especially from the U. where there is this disease,” swine veterinarian Dr. COM | VIDEO FROM THE CROP PRODUCTION SHOW That’s multi-tasking Denver livestock show A Raymore farmer divides his time between chores and responding to emergencies as chief of the local volunteer fire department.

Egan Brockhoff said during an Alberta Pork telephone conference call on PED Jan. SEE PED RISKS INCREASE, PAGE 2 » u|xh HEEJBy00001pz Yv! | Page 21 Canadian winners from the National Western Stock Show in Denver, page 3, and in our Livestock section.

Grain Growers of Canada wrote a letter to the minister last week urging the Conservative government to “seriously assess the evolving rail capacity issues for Canadian farmers and provide recommendations for alleviating (our) concerns.” The concerns included significant farmer income loss, increased costs and an impact on food manufactur- ers unable to obtain the grain feed stocks they need.

4 | .25 Crop production show coverage: P 4-5 Canola rotations, premiums for oil content P 6-8 Pulse, flax and mustard outlooks P 14-15 Long-term weather outlook, canola levy P 28-36 Pea varieties, soybeans, flax, debt repayment, mustard research, canola outlook GROWING WITH FARMERS FOR 90 YEARS | WWW. COM HOGS | DISEASE TRANSPORTATION | RAIL SERVICE Rail service gets Ottawa’s ear Parliament to hear complaints | Car shortages, unsatisfactory service cause food supply issues BY BARRY WILSON OTTAWA BUREAU As Parliament opens a new session next week, the government can expect political pressure over inadequate rail service that has left many prairie farmers unable to deliver their crop.

“Rail service is beginning to have an effect on the national food supply, too, as millers, food manufacturers and maltsters are receiving unsatisfactory service and real shortages moving grain to plants and then to market.” Meanwhile, New Democratic Party opposition agriculture critic Malcolm Allen said Jan.

20 his party will be pressing for parliamentary hearings on the issue as well as trying to hold government feet to the fire in question period.

“The short answer is if the (parliamentary committee) wants to look at it, they can,” he told a Jan. “But at the end of the day, we are looking for pragmatic, practical solutions and not political interference.” He insisted that the issue of stored crop, frustrating service and lost sales after last year’s record crop does not lend itself to simple or quick fixes.

It will take a “holistic” approach working with the railways, he added.

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That’s money out of their pocket.” Agriculture minister Gerry Ritz said politics are not the answer.“We certainly will be raising this, and the calls we are getting indicate this is a huge issue for farmers,” he said.“I think the government has to be prepared to take some responsibility for this.“It’s really important we do everything to protect our industry,” said Novak, who farms near Sherwood Park. There will be a moment when the bug finds its way across the border.

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The important thing is to keep it from grabbing hold and spreading from there.

A higher limit or no limit would increase railway revenues, which could then be reinvested.